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Parc-Extension News is Park Ex’s paper since 1993. We are dedicated to reporting local events and issues in order to give our readers the most reliable news coverage.

Our paper features up-to-date political and social stories along with poignant and quick witted commentary on subjects that affect not only our local readers, but Canadians as a whole, from coast to coast.

Unlike many community newspapers, the Parc-Extension News frequently goes beyond the story, to isolate the focal point of events that shape the city, the province, the country and the world.

Demographics Overview


The Parc-Extension News caters to the information needs of Parc-Extension area residents.

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Distribution Territory

• South: Métropolitain Boulevard
• North: Beaumont Avenue
• East: De l’Acadie Boulevard
• West: Railroad Track, du Parc Avenue, Hutchison

Territory penetration of Parc-Extension News

(According to ABC 2003)

• The Gazette: 7.6%
• La Presse: 4.5%
• Journal de Montréal: 7%
• Parc-Extension News: 80.9%

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The difference is that… people read us

• To successfully reach your business’ exposure objectives
• The most efficient and less costly advertising medium
• The only newspaper in Parc-Extension
• Delivers reliable coverage of news and events in Parc-Extension and Montreal
• An opinionated newspaper with editorials and a readers’ forum
• Real journalism

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