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The Laval News is a newspaper dedicated to exploring local issues, in addition to delivering reliable news coverage and events in Laval.

We offer more visibility of your products and services, with also our advertising/editorial ratio being among the highest in the industry.

It is the only English newspaper delivered across the territory of Laval.

Demographics Overview

H7S, H7T, H7V, H7W, H7P, H7X, H7R, H7Y & H7E

The Laval News caters to the information needs of the residents of Chomedey, Ile Paton, Ste-Dorothée, and Fabreville, as well as the surrounding Laval areas.

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Distribution Territory


• From Bibeau Street in Ste-Dorothée up to HWY 15, including Domaine Renaud, north of St-Martin Blvd, between HWY 15 and Industrial Blvd to the east Domaine Bergerac, Fabreville
• North of the Rivière des Prairies up to HWY 440
• Val-des-Brises


• Laval-sur-le-Lac
• Laval les îles
• Fabreville
• Ste-Rose
• Vimont
• Auteuil
• Duvernay

Main incentives to read The Laval News


Local News




Only English newspaper in the region

Overall appreciation of The Laval News is 7.1/10 among readers.


of readers feel that this newspaper is important to their community (ratings of 7 and above)


of readers agree that the news covered is credible


of readers believe that this newspaper is involved in the community


of readers find that the topics covered correspond to their expectations

Our paper is the most read newspaper in the Laval area.

We provide the best news coverage in Laval by reporting the most important news to the local community.

Dailies and other weeklies have little reach in this area, since they do not cover any local news or events that may be of interest to the readers.

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The difference is that… people read us

Studies have shown that all across Canada, the daily newspapers are seeing their numbers decrease, due to the internet and many other news channels.

They have also shown that, in general, people prefer reading their local community newspapers.

Because of their high reach, community Newspapers attract a desirable audience that is comprising of:
• Home owners
• Educated consumers
• Professionals
• High income earners
• Ethnic populations, including aboriginals
• More women than other mass media

We Offer

• Door to door delivery, except for apartment buildings
• More visibility for our advertising clients, since our advertising/editorial ratio is among the highest in the industry (50%-55%)
• Reliable news coverage and events in Laval
• Proven two-week shelf life

Advertising with The Laval News

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To see growth in your business, advertise your products and services in THE LAVAL NEWS.

Your advertising message in the pages of The Laval News will have the highest visibility, therefore will achieve the greatest impact for your business growth.

If your target audience is the large English speaking community in Laval, then The Laval News is where you should advertise your business and products.