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Our office is closed for the summer holiday.

We will be back on August 12.

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Our Mission

• Reflect, accurately and completely, the communities we serve.
• Explain public issues, feature interesting people, maintain a public record of events, and provide a means to remember the past.
• Provide an account for generations to come, with interesting, profitable, and attractive products each week.

Newspapers serve our democratic society by vigilantly protecting the people’s right to know.

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   We believe in freedom of speech, and we exist to reflect the voice of the people.
   We respect the voice of individuals, and believe everyone deserves the right to be heard.
   We value open government, and access to public data.
   We hold ourselves accountable to the ethics of journalism.
   We strive to connect our community together.

Newspapers are leaders in providing news, editorial comment, information and advertising.

Newspapers will remain vital and sustain their vigilance by:

• Investing energy and resources to strengthen their value to readers and advertisers;
• Continuing to be the most comprehensive source of gathering, organizing and presenting news and information;
• Pioneering businesses that anticipate and meet the changing needs and desires of consumers and marketers;
• Attracting, retaining and advancing a talented, creative and diverse workforce.

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